Original drawings by Nao Yazawa , Lottery Sale & Auction


At this time, Nao Yazawa’s own handwriting watercolor paintings will be on sale on behalf of herself at Dream Commission.
The contents of the works are the characters of her masterpiece “Wedding Peach”, and some other technical explanation works for drawing Manga.
These are valuable works such as works drawn as a test to check the colors, or private illustrations drawn during the break for daily creations.
In particular, recent technical explanation works have the following English and French versions, which are activities that help Manga fans around the world.

Please take advantage of this precious opportunity with your friends.
The application way will be by email.



About lottery sales
No.C-1 to No.C-14 have fixed prices, and if there are many applicants for purchase, they will be selected by lottery.
The lottery deadline is 7 October 2020, 23:00 hrs(JST). The email will be sent to the winners from Dream Commission.

About the Auction
No.A-1 to No.A-3 will be put up for auction.
The deadline for bidding is October 7, 2020, 23:00(JST). Only emails that the staff confirms the arrival on the mailer at deadline are valid. The reason why the mail does not arrive due to a trouble with the server or communication device is not considered at all.

Please check the following pages for details of the work.


【Lottery application and bidding rules】

Please check the following rules before applying for a bid or lottery.

・Shipping will be added to the price when you win. We kindly ask for your understanding.
・From this time, you can bid and participate in lottery in English as well as in Japanese.
・If overseas, please check the status of international transportation from Japan to your own country in advance before you participate.
・Cancellations will not be accepted after a successful bid for the auction.

You can participate by sending an email to ” dreamcommission2018@gmail.com ” according to the format below.
Applicants who are under the age of 20 are not allowed to participate this time.

【For lottery applications】

Email title: Lottery application

1: Name
2: Email address
3: Residential address,postal code,country name
4: Number of work for lottery participation


【For auctions】

Email title: Auction Bid

1: Name.
2: Email address
3: Residential address,postal code,country name
4: Number of work you will be auctioning.
5: Bid Price(Only Japanese Yen)

【About Winning Bids】

After the closing time, the person who offers the highest bid will have the right to purchase the item. We will contact you in the email account listed in the bidding email you sent us.

【Auction Rules】

Please check the following pages. If you bid, you are agreeing to the Auction Rules.https://dreamcommission.world/2018/10/31/rule/